Beauty System (BS-ADV)

Beauty System is suitable with SPA / Massage/ Wedding Studio / Hair Cut ....all kinds business which has counting employee's commission by hours , Or sale physical products only.

Beauty System can help you manage your bussiness more easier and save your more time and getting more profit.
What does Beauty System can do for you ? Check the functions below:

1. 3 languages (English/Chinese-Big5/Thai) for user control interface
  It can be different language along with the login user.
2. System User Control
  You can set the authority level for every login user or group for every form (Read / Add New / Edit / Delete ) & report ( Print out ) ..... control.
Auto create user authority by groups....etc and more inside.
3. Mistake control
  It has typing mistake control function in every forms.
4. Database Backup
  Database backup function for keep the records.
5. Database maintain
  Compact database function.
6. Booking Form (member birthday remind)
  Customer / Members booking service / products controler. You can create and manage booking records even for customer / member follow service.
7. Record Date Set
  Set the date for display records in system.
8. Customer Order (member birthday remind)
  Customer Order manager and order product detail .
9. Check Out
  Collect payment & print out the receipt.
10. Receive Goods Manage
  Receive goods managing for Stock-IN control.
11. Stock Adjust
  Can move physicalproducts between stock ( warehouse ) control.
12. Service /Quantity product commission (CommissionS/CommissionQ)
  auto count employee's commission of service.
13. CommissionSep
  Counting commission by value which by setting for every single physical product. ( can be percent or value)
14. Employee Profile
  Employee Profile , employee avator and other informations.
15. Member/Customer profile
  Member/Customer profile setting
16. Member Invoice Profile
  Member Invoice profie setting
17. Product Profile
  Product profile setting , like cost,price,stock,unit,commission price,count way ...etc and much more...
18. RoomBed Profile
  Room/Bed profile setting
19. Dcoument Code
  Document code setting , it can set the code of document prefix word.
20. Member Card
  Member card setting , (auto )create continuious member card number.
21. Member Card Control
  Add/Ajust amount in member card. Check member card balance / Expire date ...etc.
22. Customer Group
  Custom Customer Group.
23. Member Group
  Customer Member Group.
24. Product Group
  Custom Product Group.
25. Product Stock
  Custom Product Stock (same meaning as warehouse).
26. Product Unit
  Custom Product Unit.
27. Employee Department
  Custom the department for employee.
28. Employee Position
  Custom the position for employee


Employee Subside
  Custom the subside item for employee's salary include Add/Deduct item
30. Product balance count
  Auto count the product balance in stock.
31. Member Card Balance Check
  Check the balance in member card by different conditions.
32. Member card payment statment
  It can check the statment of member card payment detail.
33. Profile inquery
  It can report with all profile and inquery
34. Exchange records check
  It can check and list all kind of exchange (Customer Order/Check out/Receive Goods) records.
35. Profit Cost report
  It can show you the profile and cost in report.
36. Check availabe RoomBed/employee
  It can quick check for the available RoomBed and employee for service customer.
37. Emloyee Salary inquire
  It can lay out like employee salary slip report and commission detail list.
38. Advertisment tool

Export member's email listto a text file which you would like to sending advertisment to customers in another application email software.

You can also print envelope to send to customer easily and quick.

39. Member service follow
  It can let you very easily to follow the status of members. Such like whom didn't come back for service by days check/birthday/area post code ....etc..
40. Custom Business Logo
  You can also custom your business logo in report.
  .... and much more

Original Price $520

Now special offer $199 only .

System: Microsoft Windows operation ( 2000 / XP / VISTA )
Microsoft Access (2002,xp,2003,2007)
Language: East Asia Languages support. ( You can install it in control panel -->language )
Hardware: CPU: Pentium4 2.6GHZ , RAM: 512MB , Hardisc : 50MB . More higher is more better .
Card Reader device for reading member card ( optional) .
Support and Service:
1. After you processed the purchase successfully , you will get the quick download link immediately.
2. Technical support via email and forum for free.
3. Free update.
4. No other hiden fee.One time fee only.
5. Fully directly technical support via MSN,Skype,Email.

Original Price $520

Now special offer $199 only .